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InnerPartySystem is now giving you a chance to remix their song “Not Getting Any Better” from their newest EP titled “Never Be Content”. This is the band’s first release on Red Bull Records. Highlights of this remix contest is the fact that you as a remixer gain exposure in getting your remix released on Red Bull Records as well as braggin righs.

Song: InnerPartySystem – Not Getting Any Better

InnerPartySystem EP

InnerPartySystem EP

Site: Indaba Music


1st Place:$1,000 prize and the opportunity to be official released on the Red Bull Records.

2nd & 3rd: $500, remix streamed on the official Facebook page of InnerPartySystem.

10 Runner Ups – 1 Year Pro Membership on Indaba Music.

Basic Rules: All contestants must be over 13 years of age. All rights are transfered away in the remixes. Visit Indaba for more details concerning this remix.


So I decided on writing on my experience about a remix contest that I entered on Tracks And Fields. As a fan of The Get Up Kids, I was thrilled of the fact to have the opportunity to remix their latest single Keith Case. However, the experience on working this remix was a failure. Not on my part but on Tracks And Fields.Why? Well, with online collaboration and remix contests popping up all over the place, we are given opportunities we couldn’t have before. In my opinion, Indaba has lead the way for bringing opportunities for those who want to collaborate and those who want to compete.

Tracks And Fields is an example of how not to run things. After I entered the Keith Case Remix competition, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see who won. The contest ended on June 10th. Now the funny thing is only TEN entries were submitted. So Tracks And Fields and The Get Up Kids need only to pick 1 out of 10. Really, not that hard. But, in my opinion there isn’t a winner. I believe they simply scrapped the whole thing together.

After repeated attempts to contact Tracks And Fields about the status of the competition I was met with no reply. Try going to their “forums” and you’ll find its a ghost town. Not to mention the forum and site is organized poorly like a flashback to 1995. Overall, the site is a mess and trying to find someone to collaborate with will be hard. Most of the user base just signed up once and never looked back to log in again. Probably, first time users who just made an account to be in a contest.

My bottom line is this. Even if one, two, or ten entered a contest. The least you could do is notify that the contest has ended and their is no winner. There are ten contestants out their who worked hard on something and are awaiting results.

Here’s a couple of remix contests that are going on.

Loopmasters Contest

“We’ll be accepting submissions until Sept. 30th.  Grand prize is 5 artists series DVDs, and the runner up will get 1 Artist Series DVD. Download your loops from the widget ABOVE and get started on your own track!” – Loopmasters

Felicia Alima

“One winner will be selected for placement on “Know Me – The Remixes” (to be released later in 2009). The winner chosen for placement will be granted 15% publishing rights to the track.” Felicia Alima


“5 Winners will be chosen and will have their work pressed on vinyl and for promotional distribution. Each winner also gets a set of all Death Row releases. Winning Entrant’s Essays will also be incorporated into the packaging and promotion of the winning remixes.” Dr.Dre


I have recently entered into The Sounds Remix contest featured on Indaba. Please listen to my submission.