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“Today is the start of the pro|tone Elements series. Every monday of the week you can get your hands on some royalty-free, top-notch sounds, all for your arsenal, in the popular NI Kontakt format. This time: a nice little freebie for all who like great drum sounds… Don’t miss it, just download it here:

Elements 001 – Dirty 808(3 drumkits)”


“Unused loops, cut-up melodies, sounds from TV, random hits sequenced for fun,

soundwaves which reminds you of something familiar, foundsounds, silly noises

and some beatbox.”

“There aren’t many free samples of individual instruments, so I took the samples from this website, split them up, cut, pasted, and trimmed them by hand into individual wav files, then loaded them into DirectWave. The pack is divided into the MIS Orchestra Instruments and MIS Stereo Piano – If you don’t have directwave, you can load the wav files into the sample manager of your choice. The source samples that this pack was built from were released into the public domain with no restrictions. These samples are released into the public domain on a noncommercial basis (use them however you like, just don’t make money off it).”

DirectWave Samples from MIS Orchestra (Free Download)

“Mats Helgesson is the man who, in 2003, gave to the world the best free piano bank, the famous Maestro Concert Grand v2. Like many people, I searched it on the web, found it, lost it again, because this bank appeared, and disappeared as Mats found a site to host it or not… Finally, with his permission, i decided to host it myself, in order to make it available for everyone.”

Maestro Grand Concert (Free Download)

I’ve been meaning to give you all an update but here’s a new sample pack from Simon w. Autenrieth.

“I got a wooden frog today at an local music festival and decided to sample it since i needed this kind of texture for a new soundtrack i’m working on.”

Here is what is inside the pack:

Sampled-Things (24 bit, 44100, recorded dry):

-> Wooden Stick 01 (Stickside 1)

– Scratches (Typical Instrument sound)

– 6 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 4-5 Round robin each. (26 Samples)

– Quark (Up-down, down-up scratch)

– 2 Variations, 1 Velocity layer x 8-10 Round robin each (18 Samples)

– Hits (Top, side 1 and 2)

– Top-hit, 4 velocity layers x 5-8 Round robin (27 Samples)

– Side-hit-1, 4 velovity layers x 10 Round robin (40 Samples)

– Side-hit-2, 4 velocity layers x 8-10 Round robin (37 Samples)

– Effects (Different things i felt needing)

– Short tremolo hit (bottom), 1 Velocity layer x 4 Round robin (4 Samples)

– Slow, normal, fast and loud tremolo textures (bottom) (6 Samples)

– Quarking tremolo textures (head) (3 Samples)

– Click-noise-effects (4 Samples)

– A nice bloob effect created by quickly removing the stick from the frogs mouth (1 Sample)

-> Wooden Stick 02 (Stickside 2)

– Scratches (Typical Instrument sound)

– 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 6 Round robin (6 Samples)

– Quark (down-up scratch, softer than stick 01)

– 1 Variation, 1 Velocity layer x 9 Round robin (9 Samples)

– Effects (Different things i felt needing)

– Quarking tremolo textures (head) (5 Samples)

Thanks Simon and here you go folks. The Wooden Frog Sample Pack (DOWNLOAD)

Head over to Real Music Media and check out their library collection that they have now released for free.

The Waveformless blog has posted another entry in its Free Sample Friday. This time its “a fat bass sound from the Oberheim Matrix 6 (actually a 6r) multisampled on all the C’s and F’s across the keyboard.”

Check it out here.