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Molot is a VST compressor from vladg/sound. Recently, Molot has been updated to version 0.2.121. Vladg/sound describes Molot as a compressor that is suitable for “rock drums, aggressive hammering sound, switchable sigmoid attack curve, smooth saturation, mid-scoop EQ, built in limiter, and up to 8x oversampling.” Molot also comes with a beautiful GUI set in a “USSR Military” type style. Molot is available in English and Russian. Molot supports 32-bit and 64-bits.  Molot is freeware so make sure you give thanks.

Download Here:


Easy-NY v1.1 features

  • Dry~Wet dial.
  • Volume dial.
  • Special Motown EQ effect for vocals + boost.
  • Global bypass.
  • Stereo and mono versions.

“The famous Parallel Compression (NewYork) effect in one plugin.”

Available as freeware VST for Windows Hosts. Click Image for Download Link.

Here are three great plug-ins for Windows & Mac. Blockfish is a compressor and I highly recommend you try it out.

All three plug-ins are freeware and the images are linked to Digital Fish Phones.