SoundFont PlayerStumbled across the KVR forums about a new SoundFont player that came packaged with a hefty amount of Soundfonts.Phenome by Prodyon is an eight part/layer multitimbral Soundfont Player VST instrument. Phenome allows you to select midi channels to assign to soundfonts, however routing all midi channels to one allows you to setup some layering possiblities. Phenome also comes with 8x oversampling and has an economic mode as well so its not so heavy on your CPU. But, I can’t help but feel as if this VSTi needs more improvement.

I was excited to try this VSTi out since it came with a 500 mb soundset. However, I was disappointed that this VSTi came with no presets or banks. Even though Phenome is an more advanced than a regular soundfont player I don’t feel its an addition to keep in my vst folder. I have however decided to keep the soundfonts since they are truly unique and can see them put into use in the future.

The overall design is nice but the lack of a config folder so you can jump around soundfonts isn’t there. Instead, it gets tiresome to open each soundfont through Phenome when auditioning.  Also, I personally am not a fan of holding down the left click mouse button and move up and down the GUI boxes rather than one simple click. Phenome is for Windows XP/Vista/7 32-Bit. (Win XP Service Pack 2 required).


500MB Soundsets – 10.1MB – 34.8MB – 13.6MB – 56.4MB – 30.2MB – 26.2MB – 141.2MB – 17.3MB – 37.9MB – 18.4MB


I haven’t check into in awhile (a very very very long while) and noticed they released passwords to all their files at the beginning of this year.  Head over to and enjoy some great minimal and noise sounds.

“Unused loops, cut-up melodies, sounds from TV, random hits sequenced for fun,

soundwaves which reminds you of something familiar, foundsounds, silly noises

and some beatbox.”

So I decided on writing on my experience about a remix contest that I entered on Tracks And Fields. As a fan of The Get Up Kids, I was thrilled of the fact to have the opportunity to remix their latest single Keith Case. However, the experience on working this remix was a failure. Not on my part but on Tracks And Fields.Why? Well, with online collaboration and remix contests popping up all over the place, we are given opportunities we couldn’t have before. In my opinion, Indaba has lead the way for bringing opportunities for those who want to collaborate and those who want to compete.

Tracks And Fields is an example of how not to run things. After I entered the Keith Case Remix competition, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see who won. The contest ended on June 10th. Now the funny thing is only TEN entries were submitted. So Tracks And Fields and The Get Up Kids need only to pick 1 out of 10. Really, not that hard. But, in my opinion there isn’t a winner. I believe they simply scrapped the whole thing together.

After repeated attempts to contact Tracks And Fields about the status of the competition I was met with no reply. Try going to their “forums” and you’ll find its a ghost town. Not to mention the forum and site is organized poorly like a flashback to 1995. Overall, the site is a mess and trying to find someone to collaborate with will be hard. Most of the user base just signed up once and never looked back to log in again. Probably, first time users who just made an account to be in a contest.

My bottom line is this. Even if one, two, or ten entered a contest. The least you could do is notify that the contest has ended and their is no winner. There are ten contestants out their who worked hard on something and are awaiting results.


“The Mono/Fury is a VST™2.4 software synthesizer plug-in for Microsoft Windows® emulating the classic KORG Mono/Poly® analog synthesizer of the early 1980’s. It is written in native C++ code for high performance even on “lighter” systems. Main features are:

  • Close emulation of behavior and all controls
  • Monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action
  • Four band-limited oscillators
  • Four-pole lowpass filter with self-oscillation
  • “Effects” section including Cross modulation and hard sync
  • Arpeggiator with sync-to-host option
  • Additional tweak section

Download Mono/Fury


“Sonokinetic sampled two original 17th century carillons. Two , one octave bell systems in two velocity layers. Since you can only play hard and soft on these instruments we’re bound to only these two dynamic spectrum’s.” Available in Kontakt and WAV format. 

Download Carillon by Sonokinetic

FREE87 Effects

“The FREE87 series is based on the upcoming ANALOG87 series which features a set of 5 high quality analog-style VST effects for Windows. Instead of just providing a limited demo of the ANALOG87 series, eaReckon is glad to offer fully working free plugins using the same engine.

These tiny VST plugins for Windows are not only easy to use, they sound good too. Even though some of the controls of the ANALOG 87 versions have been stripped out, they will probably have a useful place in your virtual rack.”  Download FREE87 Effects.

606 Drums

“606 Drums by Wave Alchemy serves up 290 drum samples from Roland’s sought-after TR-606 drum machine. The samples included have been lovingly recorded through an API pre-amp with many sounds boasting multiple round robin variations, accent and velocity layers!”

Download 606 Drums.

“There aren’t many free samples of individual instruments, so I took the samples from this website, split them up, cut, pasted, and trimmed them by hand into individual wav files, then loaded them into DirectWave. The pack is divided into the MIS Orchestra Instruments and MIS Stereo Piano – If you don’t have directwave, you can load the wav files into the sample manager of your choice. The source samples that this pack was built from were released into the public domain with no restrictions. These samples are released into the public domain on a noncommercial basis (use them however you like, just don’t make money off it).”

DirectWave Samples from MIS Orchestra (Free Download)

“Mats Helgesson is the man who, in 2003, gave to the world the best free piano bank, the famous Maestro Concert Grand v2. Like many people, I searched it on the web, found it, lost it again, because this bank appeared, and disappeared as Mats found a site to host it or not… Finally, with his permission, i decided to host it myself, in order to make it available for everyone.”

Maestro Grand Concert (Free Download)