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I’m proud to present 2 great banks of presets for ZebraCM & DaHornet.
The ZebraCM Bank contains 44 presets. The intention of this bank was to provide interesting sounds of atmospheres, drones, noise, pads & other out of this world sound. Download the Create:Audio Dimensions For ZebraCM here!

DaHornet bank includes 15 presets mostly revolving around bass & lead sounds. Download the Create:Audio “Sting” For DaHornet here!


Just finished uploading a new bank of presets for TAL-Bassline.

Check it out here.

Also available in KVR.

20 presets in total for use with CM-303 by Create:Audio & The Ghost Station.

45 fresh presets for Synth 1 to add to your collection.

Presets by Create:Audio in Synth 1 native format.

Create:Audio presents 13 great presets to add to your collection for the TAL-Bassline VST. Enjoy!