Phenome 1.3 (500MB Soundsets)

Posted on: September 24, 2010

SoundFont PlayerStumbled across the KVR forums about a new SoundFont player that came packaged with a hefty amount of Soundfonts.Phenome by Prodyon is an eight part/layer multitimbral Soundfont Player VST instrument. Phenome allows you to select midi channels to assign to soundfonts, however routing all midi channels to one allows you to setup some layering possiblities. Phenome also comes with 8x oversampling and has an economic mode as well so its not so heavy on your CPU. But, I can’t help but feel as if this VSTi needs more improvement.

I was excited to try this VSTi out since it came with a 500 mb soundset. However, I was disappointed that this VSTi came with no presets or banks. Even though Phenome is an more advanced than a regular soundfont player I don’t feel its an addition to keep in my vst folder. I have however decided to keep the soundfonts since they are truly unique and can see them put into use in the future.

The overall design is nice but the lack of a config folder so you can jump around soundfonts isn’t there. Instead, it gets tiresome to open each soundfont through Phenome when auditioning.  Also, I personally am not a fan of holding down the left click mouse button and move up and down the GUI boxes rather than one simple click. Phenome is for Windows XP/Vista/7 32-Bit. (Win XP Service Pack 2 required).


500MB Soundsets – 10.1MB – 34.8MB – 13.6MB – 56.4MB – 30.2MB – 26.2MB – 141.2MB – 17.3MB – 37.9MB – 18.4MB


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