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I have recently entered into The Sounds Remix contest featured on Indaba. Please listen to my submission.


I normally don’t write reviews/rants on VST’s however, I’m always amazed by what Variety of Sound has to offer. I already was familiar with Density and other Variety of Sound VST’s ( BootEQ or epicVerb). However, this latest version of Density has already proven to  be a plugin that I will always keep handy in my toolbox. Density MKII is a mix of a compressor and a limiter. What makes Density standout amongst other similar plugins is the fact that it is not modeled after any other piece of software/hardware. Making the experience of working with Density exciting. Density MK II has brought new life into my mixes. Primarily, I took another look at my latest remix for an Indaba contest with the use of Density MK II. Density MK II is easy to use and thank you Variety of Sound for making the GUI easy to read. The use of gain reduction comes in handy and I feel as if the limiter gives me back control of my mix by influencing the dynamics.  Overall, if you haven’t please check out Density MKII and experiement. Also, there is a handy PDF document that comes along with Density. Read that manual!! That is the best advice I have for new users.


“Density mkII is a Bus Compressor that offers smooth and versatile dynamic processing on the stereo bus. It isn’t modeled after any specific outboard gear but rather incorporates some proven dynamic shaping approaches from the past, combined in a seamless fashion with some much more modern concepts in audio processing – the best of both worlds.” Via KVR

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Density MKII

Density MKII

Density mkII – the smooth and versatile stereo bus dynamic processor is now available for Win32 / VST compatible systems.

All of Jack Dark’s plugins have been compiled and uploaded to Megaupload. Check his page for more information.

Just finished uploading a new bank of presets for TAL-Bassline.

Check it out here.

Also available in KVR.

Anubis, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

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Need a new VST Host to test those PlugIns? Cantabile Lite makes it easy to manage banks and presets of your favorite VST’s. This is a great tool to tweak settings of plugins.

Did I mention it was free?


Cantabile Lite is freaking amazing. This program has been playing an important role in my preset making the last few days. The preset/program organizer inside Cantabile Lite makes it a dream to organize all those random FXP files I have saved into FXB. Also, if you have presets from other banks you are able to combine the two. Cantabile Lite is easy to use and will definatly be the program of choice when it comes down to testing new plugins or simply creating presets.