This Week’s Freeware Roundup!

Posted on: July 23, 2009

Hello there fellow create:audio readers. I’ve been in a bit of a crunch in time lately. However, I have not forgotten about updating this blog. This month has been quite busy with freeware coming out. I’ll be trying to implement an AU freeware section in the future in order to attract more readers to this blog. Anyways, here is whats been coming out or simply what great freeware is available that I recommend.

Kriminal – Omaha (Windows)

Oh Kriminal! Now this is a great developer who turns out great little vst’s. Recently they have released Omaha which is based/inspired on the CS-5, a 1979 synth from Yamaha.  A little bit of a background on the CS-5. The CS-05 is a single oscillator monophonic synthesizer with a 3 octave, 37-note (C-C) keyboard. the voice architecture consists of a single VCO, a VCF, a LFO, and a simple envelope generator. Who played this synth??? Dave Ball of Soft Cell, Electronic Dream Planet, Pascal Gabriel, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode” (Courtesty of SynthMuseum). So you guys know the drill by now.



Human Touch Technology – Sika (Windows & Mac)

Sika is a free sound font player dedicated to oriental and Arabic scales with 9 popular oriental instruments and the ability to play Arabic traditional scales accompanied with beat track (Maksoom style)

Wall of Sound – RoboVoice

This VST has a sweet GUI in my opinion. Its a vocoder effect and available for windows.




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