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This weekend I’d like to share with you the Phoenix Kit. This is a kit that I will be working on for a while. However, I thought I share with you all some new samples since it has been a while. Please note that I plan on continuing to work on the Phoenix Kit. As of now the kit you can download for free today will include 20 kicks, 13 snares, 7 percs and 2 cymbals. Enjoy and please read the information included in the file.

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Kriminal has released an update to Krolar which is similar to a Roland SH-2.

Freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.



This was found from the KVR Forums. Thanks Nekrobat!

“Hello everyone! Here is a new freeware-synth I’ve designed for you all to play with. Any feedback and/or critizism will be appreciated.
It sounds very much the way it looks.

LaborOsc VSTi:

This is a VST-instrument designed by NekroBat 2009 using Outsim|Synthmaker.


3 Oscillators with 5 waveforms (Sine,Triangle,Sawtooth,Square,Ramp), and individual detuners which features octave, semitone and fine-tuning.
Each oscillator has Phaze- and Pwm-knobs and an Amp-section which includes an AHDSR-envelope (Attack, Hold,Decay,Sustain,Release) and some modulation-knobs.
Osc:1 can be set to be free-running and has an Fm-knob which is assigned to Osc 2:s phaze input, and an Filter-FM knob, Osc 2 has a sync-switch which makes the chosen wave-form sync to Osc-1:s waveform, an Amp-section (AHDSR-envelope and Fm (Osc:3 and Filter)-knobs).
Osc 3 can be synced to Osc 2 and can also perform Ring-modulation on Osc 1.

1 State-variable Filter with 4 filter-types (Low-pass,High-pass,Band-Pass and Band-reject) which has Cut-off-, Resonance-,Tracking-, Velocity-(cut-off) and ModWheel-amount (cut-off)knobs. The Cutoff and Tracking can also be modulated by the LFO:s.

1 AHDSR-filter envelope.

2 LFO:s with a multitude of modulation-sources.LFO 1 can be set to free-running mode and can modulate LFO 2 in a variety of ways, and has a wide variety of destinations (4×25).
LFO 2:s waveforms can be synced to LFO 1 and also has a wide variety of destinations.

2 Effects in the form of a Multi-Delay and a Stereo-Chorus.
Both effects can be modulated with the LFO:s.

1 Main-out section with Preset-manager, Portamento-,Main-Vol and Pan-knobs.

20 presets of a total of 200 (to be filled freely).
Up to 8 voices of polyphony.

Use any sounds the way you please, share and spread it freely, having the below statement in mind.

This VST-instrument may not be resold or be published in any other way than as a free VST-plugin. “

Have fun!

Here is the link:



Odosynths has released all of his previous pay/donationware for free. Please visit the site and leave some friendly feedback.


Acoustic is a simple acoustic body resonator model, consisting of a first order mass-spring for modeling the Helmholtz or ‘air’ frequency, and a banded waveguide.

“grANALiser is a hybrid of granulator and delay. It is capable of complex FSU sounds and effects as well as chorus, pitch-shifter or ring modulation. It is built around the same morphing engine as Morfiki’s redu(p)cer plug-in.” – KVR Profile

CAUTION: grANALiser contains explicit pixel animation, that should be viewed only by adults. People who find such content inappropriate should not use this software. Viewer discretion is advised during usage.