The Lower Rhythm Collection

Posted on: May 14, 2009

The Lower Rhythm has a great collection of freeware instruments and effects. If your looking for something unique or bizzare than The Lower Rhythm probably has what your looking for. Heres a quick look at a couple of vst’s I recommend. And as always check out The Lower Rhythm.

While your there make sure to check out the following two VST’s.

Mindrot is an experimental synthesizer that primarily creates its sound by modulating an envelope generator. After that things start to get hazy: 14 faders, 13 buttons and 4 knobs of pure, unlabeled, modulation chaos.

Lifecycle: Based around Etric Van Mayer’s LifeForce Sequencer, this auto-synth allows you to create, load, save and run patterns designed within the rules of John Conway’s Game Of Life. The output is fed into three robust operators and then strung through a handful of effects (distortion, bit crushing, modulation, feedback modulation, etc.). The result is a pattern-based, rhythmic droning synthesizer with immense possibilities for tone variation.


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