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Samples. We always love searching for samples. Heres a list of some of the sites that I visit.

Rhythm-Lab features loops, construction kits, patches & drum kits from various styles. If your looking for some Vermona, Rave-O-lution, glitch, minimal, hip-hop, breaks or something fresh you will likely find it here.

While it has not been updated in a while the collection is unique.

The motherload of drum kit samples. Don’t get to excited.

From a Japanese Speak & Spell to Waveforms check this site if you use Live.

10 Gb of Samples

Loops, Kits & More

Database of user uploaded samples.

Couple of quick news hits for you this week.

1. Insert Piz Here has updated Mr.Alias 2 with a couple of new changes and tweaks.

Visit to download the updated Mr.Alias 2. Via Insert Piz Here

2. 7Air Delay Effect (Freeware)

ZA8 Delay

ZA8 Delay

A new VSTi plugin designed by our everpresent engineer RDM. The ZA8 Dual-Delay plugin is windows only @ the moment, it is more cpu friendly than the Dub Delay and acts pretty much in the same way. This new release will be also a Free Download. So spread the word if you will..

Tested on Windows Vista 64 bit and XP pro SP3. Via 7th Air

3.Tribe (Freeware)



“Tribe is our all new clean amp, and is designed to give you pure, crystal clear clean tones, providing you with the perfect blank canvas to further sculpt your tone. Using technologies borrowed from Whisper and RedShift and with the option of loading an Impulse Response file of your choice, Tribe is designed to give out a smooth stream of constant clean tone.” Via AcmeBarGig

4. Tessla Pro Released (Freeware)

The saturation which is actually applied is output level compensated and there is a much more accurate and faithfull transformer style bass distortion simulation which was already introduced in BootEQ mkII. The audio input can be boosted +12dB and the core algorithm is four times oversampled to minimze further aliasing artifacts. Apart of the mandatory VU display TesslaPRO renders a second (red) needle into it which gives some visual feedback on how much transient information is actually passed or not.

TesslaPRO is going to be released in May 2009 and will be available as freeware for PC and VST capable hosts.

“The VH-2 Organ simulates a Drawbar Organ and a Transistor Organ. The Sound of it is something between Hammond’s Electromagnetic Organ, Yamaha’s Electone of the 70’s and other Analog Organs. Vox, Farfisa and other Transistor Organs. 9 Standard Drawbars and 9 Percussion Drawbars, the Classical Vibrato Scanner and the Stereo Rotary Simulation can make the VH-2 sound very interesting.”



The EfthimiaSM Organ simulates a Single Manual Hammmond Clone Organ. The Sound of this Instrument is not the usual Clean Sine Sound.

General Features:

  • 32 Notes Polyphony
  • 9 “Standard” Drawbars with a wild Sine Sound
  • A Percussion OSC with a Selector for the “Standard” 9 Harmonics. Adjustable Decay and Level
  • Key Click Imitation. Adjustable Decay and Level
  • Vibrato/Chorus Virtual Scanner (V-1, C-1, V-2, C-2, V-3, C-3). A Touch Button switches On/Off
  • Adjustable Master Reverb (Studio Type), Tune and Level
  • 32 Programms available
  • Vintage Look GUI
  • Low CPU consumption


Available in VST format.

So alot of talk about Elektrostudio synths lately. Apparently, there’s a long story to go with this but to keep it short it goes like this.
Elektrostudio had been working on the synths for years but selling them were a problem. So he decided to go ahead and release the vst’s for free. However, since these TEN (yes TEN) synths are amazing I highly encourage you to visit his site and give some great comments and feedback.

The original site with the downloads are here:

Or use the rapidshare link here which was brought to you by REKKERD.ORG

“The Aftershock digital delay can hold a delay for up to 6 seconds at a sample rate of 44100. It features 3 independent delays, one left, right and center. Each of these delays have a separate Feedback level, volume level and selectable delay type. You can select from Tap Delay, Host tempo Delay and standard delay.”



VST Effect for Windows Host.


45 fresh presets for Synth 1 to add to your collection.

Presets by Create:Audio in Synth 1 native format.