Quick Links: Refresh Your Sample Collection

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Heres a couple of quick links to get you started for the week.

Dusted William Sounds

“Dusted William Sounds is on the verge of releasing the “Dirty Dose” but for now we have a free product if you are interested.
Well, it’s almost free…You have to sign up for the newsletter to get it, but it’s really easy, and you can unsubscribe if you want.
SPfree is over 80 samples from virtual instrument drum machines and synths processed through an SP1200 for that extra grit and dirt. They are copywrite free, use them as you wish in your songs. ” Must signup for newsletter to get samples.”


“This small soundfont is a preview of a soon to be released new sample set.
There’s nothing really mysterious about it, I only named it so because I have not decided its final name yet.

This new set will have roughly 500 one-shot samples, a mix of percussions and SFX, some with velocity layers. This “Mystery” set will be inexpensive, something like either free with the purchase of one of my other sample sets or a few dollars on its own.

There are 24 samples in the soundfont mapped from C1 to B2, the 12 first are a Snoopy Jaw Harp played by yours truly and the 12 others are mysterious”

Download it here:


Viena is a free tool for creating and editing SoundFonts. It is very much modeled after the well-known Vienna from Creative Labs, but Viena does not require you to have a Creative audio card installed.


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