Wavosaur Added To The Toolbox

Posted on: April 19, 2009

What makes Wavosaur so great is the fact that it is free! But aside that, did you know it is an audio editor with VST & ASIO support? You can edit, process & record WAV & MP3 files. Wavosaur is a great free resource to produce musical loops, record, analyze files and you are able to do a batch conversion. Audacity does support VST. However, Wavosaur has a great GUI when it comes down to VST support. Did I mention real time effect processing? Wavosaur can be used for mastering, sound design or simply you want to edit those MP3 files you have. Whats best you don’t need an installer and it won’t mess with your registry. This freeware audio editor, works with Windows 98, XP & Vista. This application is a must for those wishing to expand their freeware studio.

Click on the image to be redirected to Wavosaur’s download page. Now go and make some music!

Wavosaur In Action

Wavosaur In Action


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