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Plastic Piano, released by Knobster, is a simple freeware electric piano emulator synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Plastic Piano

Plastic Piano


QuikQuak has released a Mac OSX public beta of UpStereo 2.0, a freeware stereo enhancer plug-in.

Changes in UpStereo 2.0 beta

  • Completely 3D user-interface.
  • Retains usability of traditional 2D design.
  • Movable camera and light – alter the mood of the plug-in.
  • Lays foundation for future 3D interfaces with potential for zoomable, multi-side plug-ins, and realistic 3D copies of hardware devices.

The Mac version of UpStereo 2.0 is PowerPC and Intel Mac compatible, VST to RTAS wrapper compatible, and it runs on PPC Mac Mini (2005) with full lighting and shadows on 1% CPU. Audio Units beta to follow.

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Heres a quick link to a site that features a small collection of various soundfonts.

“Touchpad 2 Midi is a free VST plugin for Windows that allows you to use the touchpad on your laptop as a midi controller.

The touchpad can be configured as:

  • An XY pad
  • 4 sliders
  • 4 Buttons

At the moment only Synaptics touchpads are supported – we are working on adding support for USB touchpads as well, but have not yet heard from Cirque / Adesso regarding how to read raw data from their touchpads. Some laptops use Alps touchpads these are unfortunately not supported either – Apls have been contacted.” Click IMAGE to follow Download Link.

SoloC, a tube preamp emulation free VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

(For Windows Host)

Another great freeware released this week.

“+ high quality sinus oscillator with a pleasant sound covering all the human hearing range
+ simple virtual arithmetic model, no simulation of some existing instrument
+ custom 5 stage volume envelope
+ 2 dedicated lfos for tremolo & vibrato
+ lowcut and midcut equalizer plus pan & key2pan for easy balancing/mixing/positioning and a natural piano-like stereo image
+ custom mono compatible light stereo chorus effect
+ custom final gain with light saturation
+ easy automation setup with minimum and maximum settings for all parameters
+ 16 programs with predefined modwheel and aftertouch modulations
+ 108 directly accessible microtunings
+ quick help panel
+ one single file, no copy protection, no installation, just put it into your vst plugin folder”


This is a nice little freeware VSTi for Windows from SmartElectronix that I found while surfing the KVR Forums. Enjoy!